Day Cruise to Symi with our Express Boat!

Day Cruise to Symi with our Express Boat!

Day Cruise to Symi with our Express Boat!

From: 35.00

2021 The Aphrodite Queen is now operational! Book your ticket to Symi NOW!

On the return journey we stop for photos/a swim at the magnificent St George’s Bay.

Enjoy a great day out!

Adult Return Ticket: 35€

Children 4 yrs – 11 yrs, 20€
Infants 0 – 3 yrs free of charge

Pls Note! From 01.10.21 Departure is at 10:45!

Pay a deposit of 10.00 per person

10:30 – 10:50: Embarkation

Please be at Mandraki harbour, opp Bank of Greece, by 10:30 to facilitate speedy boarding.

11:00: Departure from Rhodes City

Enjoy the departure from Mandraki, where the Colossos of Rhodes was said to have stood, and then look up to your left to where the Acropolis of Rhodes stands, watching over time eternal

12:00: Arrival in Symi Town

 The crystal clear waters of the stunning fishing harbour, the pastel coloured neoclassical buildings framing the bay, the blue, red and white church domes papering the landscape…this is Symi!

12:00-15:00: Enjoy Symi!

Experience the harmony of nature and man in this sun drenched sleepy corner of the Aegean

15:00: Departure from Symi

Please be at the boat by 15:00 as the boat CANNOT WAIT for you (and boy, is it a long swim!)

15:10: Swim stop

A refreshing 30 minute swim (optional) at St George’s Bay

17:00: Arrival back in Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes City

Having experienced the delights of Symi, freshen up and hit the town.

17:00 – 17:10: Disembark

Please remember to collect up your belongings from the boat!

Happy Holidays!

Leaving the City of Rhodes, Mandraki Harbour, at 11:00 you will arrive at Gialos, Symi Town, by 12:00. Here, in this most picturesque corner of the Mediterranean, once the home to sponge diving & boat building, you will be able to enjoy 3 hours exploring the harbour front, village, & surroundings and then, on the return, we make a 30 min swim stop at the magnificent St George’s Bay….

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