Rhodes boat cruises to lindos
Rhodes Sea Lines

The fastest, smoothest & most exhilarating way to travel to Lindos by boat!

The Aphrodite Queen, the newest addition to the selection of boats in Mandraki Harbour, offers you the fastest, smoothest and most exhilarating boat cruise to Lindos….faster than by road even!

Leaving Rhodes, Mandraki Harbour, at 10:00 you will arrive in Lindos before 11:00…The only taxi here has four-legs 😉 From the mooring point at the pier, make your way (by foot or donkey) to the Acropolis, enjoy the amazing views and marvel at the ancient history Lindos encapsulates. Following this, wander down into the village comprised of sugar cubed, white-washed houses lining the maze of cobbled streetsand indulge in a little souvenir shopping. The golden sands of Lindos beach & numerous beach bars will entice you to descend further …crystal clear waters with gently sloping sands enables everyone to enjoy a refreshing dip in the Med….and/or a refreshing beer in the sun.

Our boat leaves at 14:00 and stops for photos at both Tsambika and Anthony Quinn bays along the ride back. Retunring to Rhodes around 15:00 you will have the afternoon free to continue exploring the delights Rhodes has to offer.



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